Story Behind Untwist Tool

Untwisting Twisted-Pair Wire Has Never Been Easier

Untwist Tool was designed in a way to easily separate the twisted-pair wire, using slight pressure and centrifugal force. The tool uniquely integrates grooves on the outside wall that are used for straightening the wires. In addition to that, the metal bit is magnetic and can easily be used with another tool such as a screwdriver, battery-powered screwdriver, impact driver, drill, and similar motorized or non-motorized tools.

Untwist Tool is 3D printed in the USA using the HP Multi Jet 3D Printing Technology, which allows us to deliver high standards and to achieve the precision that is required for Untwist Tool to work flawlessly.

Why did we design Untwist Tool in the first place?

Untwist Tool was designed by a network technician who didn't want to accept the fact that untwisting, separating, and straightening wires was the most painful and time-consuming part of the process of terminating custom network cables. Untwist Tool was designed to speed up the process but more importantly, lower the impact on users' fingers and hands.

Once you find yourself in front of more than just a few cables to terminate, the process becomes challenging. Usually, you would use fingers, flat head screwdrivers, a piece of cable jacketing, or a pencil to untwist, separate, and straighten wires. Regardless of the method, the traditional ways are not only slower but can also be painful. Often you would have blisters, or at the very best, your fingers would feel numb the next day.

That is when Untwist Tool comes in handy. It will not only cut down on time spent but also increase the quality of your work and life by preventing sore fingers and cramping hands. Untwist Tool is undoubtedly a specialty tool. You will have a piece of unique equipment that offers abilities that other tools cannot handle, and that’s why Untwist Tool should find a spot in your toolbox.

Who will find Untwist Tool useful?

Untwist Tool can be used by:

  • Data Technicians

  • Network Technicians

  • Structured Cable Technicians

  • AV Technicians

  • Network Rack Builders

  • Smart Home Enthusiasts

  • Or any Low Voltage Techs who find themselves in front of a bunch of cables that need to be terminated.

No matter if you are a rookie or a pro, you will find this handy tool helpful:

  • Untwist Tool is perfect for beginners. We all know that learning how to properly untwist twisted-pair wire by hand takes a lot of practice. If you are new to cabling and terminating, you can do it as fast as a pro with many years of experience under his belt.

  • Cabling experts and professionals who have been in business for many years will find it useful when they need to wear PPE or want to protect their fingers from overuse and everyday wear and tear.

  • Untwist Tool is beneficial to people who have fingers, hands, or wrists problems and still want to be in the business.

  • It’s a superb tool for you if you feel that your fingers are just too big, and that’s the reason why untwisting is so time-consuming.

  • Untwist Tool is helpful to anyone who wants to protect their hands and speed up the untwisting process and increase productivity.

  • Great for teams with a lot of cabling projects that want to meet customer’s expectations quickly. It helps minimize time, reduce mistakes, and speed up the operation so IT personnel can focus on other tasks.

How to use Untwist Tool when terminating ethernet cables.

If you want to learn how to use Untwist Tool to quickly make a custom ethernet/network cable using Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A unshielded twisted-pair (UTP), please check out our Instagram page or YouTube channel to watch us in action.

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