My company keeps getting failures on the Cable Certifier we use.  Does the Untwist Tool help with this? 

Yes. Other methods of separating the pairs sometimes cut or scratch the cable just enough to cause data packet loss. Cable Certifiers are getting more sensitive to this. Using the Untwist Tool to separate the pairs prevents this issue as there is no scratching or cutting of the cable.

Why do both the PRO-56 and the PRO-67 handle CAT6 cable?

Glad you asked. There are thousands of manufacturers of cable out there. To add to the complexity, each manufacturer makes slightly different cable jacket sizes.  They use different materials to manufacturer the cable. They each have different specifications. As a result, each Cat6 cable can be different.  

The solution? Use one head and if it doesn’t separate the cable easily, use the other head. We suggest investing in both heads so that you are always able to work on the cable at a job site.

Each time I use the tool, it wrinkles up the pairs and does not untwist them!  Am I doing something wrong?

Yes. If you are wrinkling the pairs or they are bunching up, you are not letting the end of the head catch the pair ends. Let them catch first before applying slight pressure. To see this in action, see this video clip.

When using the Untwist Tool, the pairs twist too far the other way. How do I solve this?

Good news. The Untwist Tool is FAST! That means if you leave it on the pair you are separating for too long, you are actually untwisting it (like you should) and then twisting it the other way because you are holding it on there for too long.

The solution? Stop sooner. This video clip should help!